Saint Phalle Photography


Andre + Veronica de Saint Phalle are Vermont-based, international award winning wedding photojournalists* who always work together, unobtrusively providing their clients with creative photographs and double coverage of their most important moments.

As a married couple themselves, Andre + Veronica always work together, providing you with two photographers on your wedding day, mostly because it is more fun that way! Plus you receive the most complete coverage of your day, in the most unobtrusive way. Another benefit is the built in redundancy of having two photographers, each carrying two cameras at all times. This helps to insure against unfortunate circumstances that can crop up, such as illness, equipment malfunction, which could wreak havoc on a single shooter who uses only one camera, for example. It also increases the variety of the images you will receive.

Based in Johnson, VT they generally provide their double wedding coverages across the Adirondack, Green and White Mountains as well as coastal Maine.

They specialize in producing their Artists Vision Albums which they regard as the whole point of their work, as opposed to simply delivering the digital files, which are always included, and available online within 30 days.

*Click here to see Veronica’s international award winning wedding photographs.

*Click here to see Andre’s international award winning wedding photographs.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video where the photographers take you through your wedding day and explain their approach and style with many examples and insights -

“Andre + Veronica are not only talented photographers, but insightful observers of the relationships and details of the events playing out around them.”

- Jen + Noah

“Andre + Veronica took photographs that are sometimes sweet, sometimes stunning, and always an accurate portrayal of our wedding.”

- Kristin + Mark

“We will be with you every step of the way. We will get your smiles, your tears. We will get everything about you, in our lenses.”

- Andre + Veronica