Need advice… quick!

I wrote a month or so ago about a company that was harassing me about a debt I had with Chase. My balance was approx. 9,000. I tried to set up a monthly pay plan and they would have none of that. So,a few weeks ago,I was out of state and one of the collectors called me to say he had a settlement agreement for me and faxed it to me that day.

When i received it, it said “0 balance. This letter serves as receipt for the matter noted above as agreed andis evidence of payment in full for above account”. That was that. Now, they are calling to say that the letter was an error and that because the amount “stated above” in the letter was not an agreed upon amount if it goes to court i would not have a leg to stand on.

I know this may not make sense as i am writing this but since i am in a state i am not familiar with any attorneys, can anyone tell me what i should do? I feel i need someone to look over the letter. However, they are saying they will start judgment proceedings 10/21/16 and of course they have scared me to death once again. I just dont clearly states “paid in full”.

Caroline that sounds pretty fishy. I don’t know if there are high pressure collection agencies in the US but actually that sounds just like how the loan sharks and scammers collect money in Japan. Check up on that company before any payment. Check with Chase and make sure that they’re farming out their collection work.

I think this goes for anyone out there. I know it’s standard procedure for a bank or corporation to farm out their debt collections to other companies but at the same time make sure they’re legitimate. It’s not that hard for someone to get data that you owe some company money. With that information anybody can come up with a bill and try to charge you for it.

Collection agencies are trained to be bullies. They believe they can scare people into paying their debt instead of trying to work with people.

My story to date. Two years ago I received a letter in the mail from a collection agency that a judgment was being filed on my house. Since I had other credit card debts I filed a chapter 13. This year my house was going to be foreclosed. So I put my house on the market to sell it before it gets foreclosed. Three weeks before the foreclosure date I got an offer on the house that the mortgage company would accept. But there was a problem. There was a judgment on my house which I had no knowledge of since I had filed bankruptcy 2 years ago. Sherman Acquisitions had the judgment on my house which shouldn’t have happened.

They are in my chapter 13 plan. I searched everywhere to find their phone number but couldn’t. So I contacted Sears credit center to get the phone number for Sherman Acquisitions. When I contacted Sherman Acquisitions they gave me their attorney’s phone number. I ended up having my attorney contact Sherman Acquisitions attorney to get the judgment lifted. Sherman Acquisitions attorney then filed the wrong paperwork. My attorney had to refile for the judgment to be lifted. The judgment was lifted just 2 days before my house went to auction. I got an extension on the foreclosure just minutes before the auction.

As you can see collection agencies are not just bullies but they are stupid. Being so focused on getting the money they don’t see anything else that happens.

Now about your story. I looked up online. The BBB has no complaints on the company you are dealing with. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to make a complaint to the BBB about them.