New – have a question

I am new to this site and have a question. I am seriously in debt (142k) and I just lost my job. I am currently not behind on any payments and I would like to negotiate settlements and get rid of all of this. I will not have the means to pay the next round of payments if I don’t get a job son and even then, it will continue to be a more difficult hardship. Will my creditors negotiate with me now, even though I am not behind yet?

Any advice is appreciated.

Probably not. It’s been my experience that they will only begin negotiations when you’ve missed 3+ payments.

I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction

I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction. My husband and I filed for Chapter 7 in October of last year right before the laws changed due to loss of job and medical problems. We received our discharge and were what we thought was back on the road to financial freedom. Well, apparently not, even though everything was discharged, we are receiving letters from collection agencies for bills that we now no longer are responsible for. When we explain to them that they were discharged, they tell us it is not their problem and they have no record showing it was included in the bankruptcy. One told us that they bought the “account” in march of this year a full month AFTER the discharge was granted. We’ve told them not to call us but they continue to and badger us for money.

What can we do to stop them? Isn’t there a law that they are violating by just mailing a letter or calling us to demand payment?

Second question, we know that our credit report will not be “pleasing” to the eye but how do we go about getting all three credit reports to reflect that the credit items were included in the bankruptcy and the balance should be $0?

I have tried several times to call our attorney but find that I don’t get any answer nor his answering machine. So we are left to take care of this on our own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All you have to do is give them notice that you filed bk and the case number and court… when you give them this info also tell them that if they continue to call you that you will file for sanctions against them with the bk court for continued collection activity….. put this in writing if you have too. Don’t engage in conversation with them…. they will lie to get you to promise to pay or to get your bank information to steal the money from you. Get copies of all three credit reports and then dispute as included in bk.

Here is a sample letter to send for the collectors:


Dear so and so,

Please be advised that I filed bk and was discharged on (date). This debt was included in my bk.

Please also be advised that should you continue to contact me about this alleged debt I will have no choice but to file for sanctions against you in the Federal Bankruptcy Court for continued collection activity.

Should you need any additional information please contact the Federal Bankruptcy Court at (number) and ask for case number xxxxxxx

Your Name

Need advice… quick!

I wrote a month or so ago about a company that was harassing me about a debt I had with Chase. My balance was approx. 9,000. I tried to set up a monthly pay plan and they would have none of that. So,a few weeks ago,I was out of state and one of the collectors called me to say he had a settlement agreement for me and faxed it to me that day.

When i received it, it said “0 balance. This letter serves as receipt for the matter noted above as agreed andis evidence of payment in full for above account”. That was that. Now, they are calling to say that the letter was an error and that because the amount “stated above” in the letter was not an agreed upon amount if it goes to court i would not have a leg to stand on.

I know this may not make sense as i am writing this but since i am in a state i am not familiar with any attorneys, can anyone tell me what i should do? I feel i need someone to look over the letter. However, they are saying they will start judgment proceedings 10/21/16 and of course they have scared me to death once again. I just dont clearly states “paid in full”.

Caroline that sounds pretty fishy. I don’t know if there are high pressure collection agencies in the US but actually that sounds just like how the loan sharks and scammers collect money in Japan. Check up on that company before any payment. Check with Chase and make sure that they’re farming out their collection work.

I think this goes for anyone out there. I know it’s standard procedure for a bank or corporation to farm out their debt collections to other companies but at the same time make sure they’re legitimate. It’s not that hard for someone to get data that you owe some company money. With that information anybody can come up with a bill and try to charge you for it.

Collection agencies are trained to be bullies. They believe they can scare people into paying their debt instead of trying to work with people.

My story to date. Two years ago I received a letter in the mail from a collection agency that a judgment was being filed on my house. Since I had other credit card debts I filed a chapter 13. This year my house was going to be foreclosed. So I put my house on the market to sell it before it gets foreclosed. Three weeks before the foreclosure date I got an offer on the house that the mortgage company would accept. But there was a problem. There was a judgment on my house which I had no knowledge of since I had filed bankruptcy 2 years ago. Sherman Acquisitions had the judgment on my house which shouldn’t have happened.

They are in my chapter 13 plan. I searched everywhere to find their phone number but couldn’t. So I contacted Sears credit center to get the phone number for Sherman Acquisitions. When I contacted Sherman Acquisitions they gave me their attorney’s phone number. I ended up having my attorney contact Sherman Acquisitions attorney to get the judgment lifted. Sherman Acquisitions attorney then filed the wrong paperwork. My attorney had to refile for the judgment to be lifted. The judgment was lifted just 2 days before my house went to auction. I got an extension on the foreclosure just minutes before the auction.

As you can see collection agencies are not just bullies but they are stupid. Being so focused on getting the money they don’t see anything else that happens.

Now about your story. I looked up online. The BBB has no complaints on the company you are dealing with. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to make a complaint to the BBB about them.

I am in serious debt

I am in serious debt and need help! Too many credit cards…I seem to be spending way too much money on food. I am trying to look for ways to reduce my grocery bill.. thank you

Do you use coupons? that helps me alot … i save about $20 in coupons on a normal shopping trip and we dont do double coupons here. I only use coupons on what i need…

I have become really organized with my coupons and that helps… there are certain coupons out there that you can get free items with… like the $1 off edge or skintimate shave gel- as long as it does not say not good on trial- you can use it on the travel size and free shave gel….stuff like that:)

Good Luck Michele! and send me an email if i can help you anymore..

Here’s a list from this site –

  1. Shop alone. If you bring your spouse or children, count on your bill being higher!
  2. Do not shop when you are hungry.
  3. Join a warehouse like Costco or Price Club. There can be significant discounts buying in bulk.
  4. Keep your eyes on the items on the bottom shelf where the prices are lower!
  5. If you are not good doing math in your head, bring a calculator so you can determine the better value of the same item in different sizes.
  6. Use coupons and send for rebates. Get organized. Keep those coupons where you can easily find them, and keep all the parts of a product you think you might need for the rebate. Don’t create a fire hazard, but organize!
  7. Buy only items you know you will eat. Don’t buy things because you know you should eat them. If you don’t like broccoli, don’t buy it hoping you’ll eat better this week. Be realistic. It’s kind of like a person who is dieting buying a dress too small for them, hoping that it will motivate them to lose the weight to wear it. It doesn’t usually work! Buy the foods you will eat!
  8. Buy store brands when the quality is the same.
  9. Eat less!

The best way is to inventory what foods you have on hand. Peruse the meats on sale and then make a menu and then a shopping list. Send the one family member with a full tummy that is least likely to deviate from the list to do the shopping (no kids). Don’t walk into the store for any reason without doing the first two things. Plan and stick to your plan. Save your menus and shopping list. Once you have done this for a couple of month it is a 20 minute task and you can stretch it to twice a month. Cook twice as much as you need for a meal and freeze half for a meal the second week.

That way you only need to cook a few days a week. You can cut you food bill by 75% by just using a menu and a shopping list, cutting out all snack foods other then fresh fruit and veggies, cutting beverages to milk and water and making everything from scratch. Buy the store brand of your staples ignore sales items beyond meat unless it is a staple in your household. Buy no more then you need for that shopping period. The longer the period and the less you shop the less you will spend. Don’t buy anything but food.

Forget coupon they are usually for over priced not nutritious snack preprocess food like things. Take way more effort then you get out. Your menus and shopping list should be driven by you not the marketing people who put together the sales and coupons. Don’t let them control what you buy.