Ramsey Makeover service online

I know how much everyone like s Dave Ramsey and I do, too. I’m about halfway through Financial Peace and signed up last night for the 7 day trial on his makeover site. I’m curious if any of you use his service monthly? Has it been helpful? I really like the budgeting feature but don’t know if that alone if worth the price. Just looking for some insight. Thanks!

I have checked into a few mystery shopping sites and even called one on the phone. Has anyone tried this? How can I tell what’s legit and what’s a scam? Is there a way to check them out to see if they are giving me correct info? Thanks again for your help.

The way I see it is that anytime some company asks for money up front for information you should be wary. I would. If you look hard enough you will find the information about how to become a mystery shopper on the internet for free.

My advice for anything is learn the principles of persuasion and some basic psychology. This will alert you to any kind of scam-ish techniques out there. And who better to trust than your own gut.

The first and best place to go is the Mystery Shoppers Provider’s Association website – http://www.mspa-na.org/. Here are all legitimate sources of shopping. I have been doing this for 4 years. Just this year I have gotten serious about it. You cannot make a full-time financial go in shopping alone, but within the mystery shopping field there are sub-fields.

I have done product demonstrations (like the people who pass out samples of food at stores), audits (where you tell the manager who you are and take some photos), as well as true mystery shops where nobody knows who you are or what you are doing. You must apply to each company individually. You must have knowledge of excel, word, and check e-mail regularly as all assignments come thru e-mail. Time commitment is a must as the clients you serve are on a tight timeline. If you say I will do a job for you on Monday, you need to do it.

I do not know how much extra income you are looking for, but you can get free meals, free auto service, and many other free things via reimbursement.

If you do a Google search on Mystery Shopping, you will get a hit of the top 100 companies. These are all legitimate. Apply to each one as you feel you like based on the industry served, do a good job, and more come along. Word of mouth from those who hire you really works to your advantage.

I see that you’ve asked about several ways of making an income at home. As you look into several possibilities, make sure that you have ‘tightened down’ all of your budget. Look through your Credit cards for any services you might have signed up for a ‘free trial’, and then been charged for after the ‘free trial’ period was over.

Some of those will even issue credit months into their ‘service’,or at least will stop charging in future. I got credit from Allstate Travel (they were the quickest & most complete with no arguing about issuing credit) and Video Professor (which argued but did give me full credit with return). Some companies will even let you keep the products you purchased, with a 90% credit issued. It’s worth a phone call.

Also look into yahoo group, smartspending , which is very active and helps me save ~ $35 per week on groceries. Yahoo manages all your groups on one page-very convenient for switching back & forth to check messages. Keep track of savings per month & send as extra debt payment.

Take a hard look at ALL of your budget

Write it ALL out.

Use the free forms on daveramsey.com or on davidbach.com or on moneyclubs. I’ve gotten incredible info from those sites for free-you don’t have to buy their books to gain from their sites. Also, listen to the radio show archives of dave ramsey on his site (also for free). Write out how much you owe & to who. Trust me-the grocery bill is not your only problem. None of us got here just because we spent too much on food!

Cut back your budget to the bone, sell things you don’t need, including your cars if you’re spending too much for them. And do eat ‘beans & rice’ until you get this under control.

About the grocery bill itself, on the one hand I agree with that:

use house brands, buy real food-the less processed the less it costs. On the other hand, the smartspending yahoo groups have worked out ways to increase your savings by using a combination of sales and coupons to make some of your purchases nearly free. Faye also advises using a list, not be hungry, etc. But if Perdue chicken breasts are on sale at your grocery for $2.59/lb. and you have a coupon for $1.50 off on any Perdue chicken, well I believe anyone would say that is a good buy! Admittedly, you can pass up on the ‘junk food’ coupons.

Start reducing your debt TODAY! Keep track of every penny you save & send to pay more off your debts-speaking of pennies, even roll your change you find around the house, & use that!

We’re walking this road with you!

I appreciate your advice. I will have to go to those websites you talked about.

Thank you, I am a vegetarian so I end up spending more money on food it seems.

I am really trying to start collecting coupons again! Ebay sells coupons…example of 100 coupons for around 1.50. Have you ever used Ebay?

thanks again

I wouldn’t buy coupons-just look in your local newspaper, and go on the websites of your favorite food companies and sign up for mailing list, coupons, etc. If a favorite of yours is Earthbound Farm Organic, look/ask in your produce dept. for a flyer there with a $1 off coupon combined with a sale this week. As a vegetarian (which I also was for 6 years), let your meal plan cneter around combos of beans, brown rice, dairy if you eat it, etc. These are CHEAP protein sources. Avoid the processed ‘tourkey’ type of products except when you combine coupon plus sale. Organize your menu for minimal loss due to spoilage, etc.

Have a great day-it will get brighter as you go!

i agree.. don’t buy coupons 🙂 For us…. the Houston paper is only $1 and has the most coupons where as the local paper has few… and it’s also $1… I get a list ahead of time so i know what coupons are expected out so i know if i should be 2 or 3 papers or whatnot…

You can also print coupons if the stores you shop at take them.

Try http://www.cafemom.com/ – they send me a lot of coupons in my email right from the manufacturer. I am not even a mom but I like to save money.

Another tip is to keep an eye out for test drives and do surveys online…

I’ve earned extra money from surveys.. some send cash, some send it in form of gift cards… this month so far i have made $39. It’s nota lot and its $5 here and $10 there but it helps. Also i did 2 test drives this month….

one was for a $25 starbucks gift card (for hubby when he wants his coffee fixes ) and $50 eddie bauer gift card and i didn’t have to do an actual test drive either LOL And mail in rebates help too if you find them for items you normally buy….. AND this month i just finished a 3 week product test on 3 pairs of undies…. i got 3 free pairs of underwear and i’ll get paid $15 for giving my opinions on them.

Hope this helps some. if anyone wants a list of survey sites that are free let me know and i’ll get a list ready…