I am in serious debt

I am in serious debt and need help! Too many credit cards…I seem to be spending way too much money on food. I am trying to look for ways to reduce my grocery bill.. thank you

Do you use coupons? that helps me alot … i save about $20 in coupons on a normal shopping trip and we dont do double coupons here. I only use coupons on what i need…

I have become really organized with my coupons and that helps… there are certain coupons out there that you can get free items with… like the $1 off edge or skintimate shave gel- as long as it does not say not good on trial- you can use it on the travel size and free shave gel….stuff like that:)

Good Luck Michele! and send me an email if i can help you anymore..

Here’s a list from this site – http://www.allthingsfrugal.com/grocery.htm

  1. Shop alone. If you bring your spouse or children, count on your bill being higher!
  2. Do not shop when you are hungry.
  3. Join a warehouse like Costco or Price Club. There can be significant discounts buying in bulk.
  4. Keep your eyes on the items on the bottom shelf where the prices are lower!
  5. If you are not good doing math in your head, bring a calculator so you can determine the better value of the same item in different sizes.
  6. Use coupons and send for rebates. Get organized. Keep those coupons where you can easily find them, and keep all the parts of a product you think you might need for the rebate. Don’t create a fire hazard, but organize!
  7. Buy only items you know you will eat. Don’t buy things because you know you should eat them. If you don’t like broccoli, don’t buy it hoping you’ll eat better this week. Be realistic. It’s kind of like a person who is dieting buying a dress too small for them, hoping that it will motivate them to lose the weight to wear it. It doesn’t usually work! Buy the foods you will eat!
  8. Buy store brands when the quality is the same.
  9. Eat less!

The best way is to inventory what foods you have on hand. Peruse the meats on sale and then make a menu and then a shopping list. Send the one family member with a full tummy that is least likely to deviate from the list to do the shopping (no kids). Don’t walk into the store for any reason without doing the first two things. Plan and stick to your plan. Save your menus and shopping list. Once you have done this for a couple of month it is a 20 minute task and you can stretch it to twice a month. Cook twice as much as you need for a meal and freeze half for a meal the second week.

That way you only need to cook a few days a week. You can cut you food bill by 75% by just using a menu and a shopping list, cutting out all snack foods other then fresh fruit and veggies, cutting beverages to milk and water and making everything from scratch. Buy the store brand of your staples ignore sales items beyond meat unless it is a staple in your household. Buy no more then you need for that shopping period. The longer the period and the less you shop the less you will spend. Don’t buy anything but food.

Forget coupon they are usually for over priced not nutritious snack preprocess food like things. Take way more effort then you get out. Your menus and shopping list should be driven by you not the marketing people who put together the sales and coupons. Don’t let them control what you buy.